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No one can predict legal trouble. Lawyers are expensive and legal troubles are time-consuming.

Don't be unprepared. Take control of your money and time by signing up for LegalShield™ to get:

  • Coverage by an entire law firm for advice and counsel
  • Help with forms and contracts
  • Representation in court for civil matters
  • Will preparation, with annual reviews and updates

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Protection for you!

You shouldn't have to deal with the agony of sorting through legal trouble alone, or be forced to drain your life savings to afford an attorney when legal troubles happen - and they can happen anytime!

From dealing with traffic violations, domestic issues such as divorce and child support, landlord/tenant relations and documents, and a host of other everyday legalities, LegalShield™ is ready to help you navigate the waters, have your back, and even represent you if the situation arises.

LegalShield™ is a monthly membership that gives you an entire law firm. Instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help, you can have access anytime to full service coverage by a law firm in your state for a low monthly payment.

Don't go another day without being prepared to save money and time in the midst of legal troubles: become a LegalShield™ member today and walk through life confident that you have a lawyer on your side who can give legal counsel and advice and is just an email or phone call away. When you have a lawyer in the palm of your hand, and know you are covered by an entire law firm, it's easy to feel confident when legal issues turn up.

LegalShield™ is smart coverage that is simpler, easier, and more affordable. They provide protection to over one million members who know they are covered, even in emergency situations, 24/7/365 days a year.

Protection for your family too!

Your LegalShield™ plan covers your family members too, so you know they are prepared and protected when legal troubles arise.

Not having important documents drawn up, such as a will, a living will, healthcare power of attorney, and durable power of attorney, puts your family and loved ones in a vulnerable position. Help them to save time and heartache by utilizing these services of important document preparation. Creating and annually updating these important documents is included in your monthly membership.

101 Reasons to Use LegalShield™

Everyone experiences legal issues, and we don't think that the wealthy should be the only ones who can afford legal counsel.


You don't have to deal with legal issues alone. With a LegalShield™ membership, your law firm is just a phone call away, ready to guide you through your legal issues with counsel and/or representation.


Get your copy of "101 Reasons You Need LegalShield™" today!

101 Reasons to Use LegalShield

Legal care isn't just for the wealthy. Get the help you deserve today.

Smart, full service coverage and 24/7 legal help is only a few steps away!

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If you currently live in one of the following states, please contact us so we can help you access the personal plans LegalShield™ offers: Arkansas, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin.

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