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your guide to saving money and time

Everyone should be empowered with the best Solutions for saving their money and time.


From Solutions that give individuals and families more peace of mind, to Solutions that allow businesses to increase both the bottom line and employee satisfaction, we help you find Solutions as unique as you are.

how it works:


Select a Solutions group to explore:

  • Individuals and Families
  • Businesses and Nonprofits


Find the Solutions that will save you, or your business, money and time

  • Not sure which ones are the best fit?  Click the "Ask Us" button on any Solution page to find out more!


Choose your Solutions, sign up, and start saving money and time! These products and services are designed to make your life or business easier, and in many instances you will see immediate savings!

Many services and products claim to work for you to help you save money and/or time. But significant amounts of money and time are wasted on services that don’t deliver promised results! During a 30+ year career as a CPA, Ed Cody discovered many unique and creative Solutions that actually helped individuals, families, and businesses save and protect their money and time. He created Unique Solutions Associates to help guide others to these Solutions for saving money and time too.


We don’t want you to settle for services that over-promise and under-deliver. That’s why we came up with a list of criteria to make sure our Solutions actually do what they claim to do and work FOR YOU to help you save money and time.


You can trust that we:

  • Only select Solutions we would use for our own families and business
  • Constantly evaluate each Solution to make sure they are providing the best savings and/or value available
  • Continue to seek out new Solutions on a regular basis


We want you to focus on what’s important to you while our Solutions focus on protecting your money and time. You can build your career, spend more time with family, save for that vacation, have more peace of mind, and free up space in the budget - all without having to change your daily habits and priorities.

Discover how Unique Solutions can help you save money and time. Find the Solutions that are right for you!

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