reduce medical supply expenses without changing vendors.

You don't have to change your day-to-day processes to achieve a higher level of savings.

Schedule a consultation to see how Good Steward Consulting can negotiate on your behalf to improve your bottom line.

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Ensure a quality experience for your patients and reduce your overall expenses at the same time.


As a healthcare executive one of your most significant expenses is medical supply-related costs.


Managing these costs is a challenge as even the best vendors don't have time to help you identify pricing errors and balance your cost of goods.


Good Steward Consulting does all of this for you, and only gets paid out of the savings they achieve for you! So it's risk-free!

Improve your finances

Provide higher quality care




Sleep better at night


negotiating for you

good steward consulting makes your job easier by working with your existing vendors

Sleep better at night knowing you have an expert ally to monitor and manage your medical supply-related expenses and improve your bottom line.

How it works

Request a Consultation and we will reach out to schedule a brief chat about your medical supply spend, your company size, and your financial goals.

Good Steward Consulting will review your current prices against known standards and benchmarks, presenting you with an agreement to review and approve.

Once you approve, they will get to work negotiating with your existing vendors, monitoring and validating your pricing for 48 months.

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Want to discover the ways you could be overspending on your current medical supplies?



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