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No one can predict legal trouble.

Businesses are vulnerable, attorneys are expensive, and legal troubles are time-consuming. Don't be unprepared.

With three levels of protection to choose from, LegalShield offers you peace of mind and coverage on legal matters from collection letters, to Copyright and Trademark issues, to IRS auditing services.

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Unexpected legal matters come up every day. And as a small business owner, you know the high level of risk companies can face.


A LegalShield™ Small Business Plan is a monthly membership that gives you access to a dedicated law firm. Instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help, you will have access anytime to legal aid for a low monthly payment.


With a LegalShield™ Small Business Plan, you have the flexibility to choose the amount of coverage that's right for you, and the confidence of knowing you have a dedicated law firm on your side.

LegalShield™ Small Business Plans


*Half of your available number of services can be used for out-of-state matters with Small Business Plus and your total allotment of services can be used for out-of-state matters with Small Business Pro.

**Available in Washington: Designated Consultations for a flat fee of $200 per hour. Collection Letters for $25 each collection letter included in the plan and then $75 for each additional collection letter.

***Filing fees, search fees, opinion letters, or other expenses will be paid by the Member.

****Receive up to 25 hours for "Plus" and 50 hours for "Pro" from a provider attorney in the event of an IRS audit, investigations, or examination of the Member's federal tax return. This service includes one initial hour of consultation and advice within the first 30 days of receiving notification from the IRS. Beginning on the 31st day, a provider attorney provides 2.5 hours (Plus) or 5 hours (Pro) of representation or negotiation services prior to a lawsuit. If the Member is sued by the IRS, or after paying the disputed tax the Member sues the IRS, 21.5 hours (Plus) or 44 hours (Pro) of trial time or services are available. Coverage for IRS legal services begins with a tax return filed in the same year as the Effective Date of the membership.

*****25% discount off the provider attorney's hourly rate for business legal work. This discount does not apply to legal services rendered pursuant to the designated consultations benefit, contingency fee cases, or fees set by a court.

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Don't let your small business go another day without being prepared to save money and time in the midst of legal troubles.

Sign up for a LegalShield™ Small Business Plan today and walk through life with the confidence of having a protected business and an entire law firm on your side.

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Once you select your plan, enter your payment information, and submit, you will receive a confirmation email and membership kit including a unique member number and card.

If you currently live in one of the following states, please contact us so we can help you access the business plans LegalShield™ offers: Arkansas, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin.



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