Peace of mind and protection for your employees.

Tierney Cody lives in the mountains of western North Carolina and has been working with Uniqsa since 2019. Always a planner, Tierney enjoys the feeling that she's prepared for almost anything and uses many of the Solutions herself. She loves helping others find that feeling of preparedness as well.

Tierney specializes in group benefit plans and enjoys working with employers and HR departments, view the group benefit Solutions in her portfolio below!


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Give your employees comprehensive identity protection with this benefits package that's backed by a team of licensed private investigators.

For employees with high school students at home this is the most practical college benefit available - their own personal, on-demand college counselor.

Your employees will never have to worry about exorbitant attorney fees when they sign up for this affordable legal care monthly membership.

Give your employees an innovative telehealth package so they never have to pay a copay to see a doctor about everyday illnesses again.



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