Waste And Utility Cost Reduction

Specializing in substantially reducing waste disposal and recycling costs.


Our Waste and Utility Cost Reduction SolutionsProviderspecializes in substantially reducing waste disposal and recycling costs for its clients on a risk free, results oriented basis.

This SolutionsProvider is partnered with a nationwide network of affiliates giving them the capability to provide hands-on, on-site services at any client location.

Waste and Utility Reduction Assessment:

  • Pinpoints current overspending
  • Identifies savings options
  • Identifies cost recovery and recycling alternatives
  • Adds an overlay of expertise in ongoing management

Ongoing Waste Audit and Support:

  • Audits hauler invoices monthly
  • Provides ongoing expertise, support and negotiations during hauler contract renewals
  • Support through Account Teams for service issues
  • Generates a monthly report quantifying savings

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