Vision Plans

Simple & Affordable for Any Size Company.

What makes This Unique?

  • A business of any size qualifies for coverage. (even if it’s just one person)
  • No minimum employees or participation
  • Ability to use allowance for non-prescription eyewear. *cool feature*
  • Most providers in the network allows members to use their eyewear allowance for the purchase of non-prescription eyewear. Although they are not required to do so and a few have opted to restrict coverage to prescription eyewear. * Always check with the provider to make sure that this is permissible.
  • Although the simplest way to use the plan is by choosing an “in-network” provider, you can use any provider you wish. You will just have to pay up front and submit a form for reimbursement if they are “out of network”.
  • All benefits renew annually, not bi-annually like most vision plans. (ie. frames)
  • Simplicity of use.

Payment options

  • annual or monthly

What qualifies as a group

  • FEIN (Federal ID Number)

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