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Merchant Advocate requires an application process to determine eligibility for their free auditing services. If they can't save you at least $1200/year on your credit card processing, you may not qualify for their free services.

After submitting the form along with your latest credit card processor statement, you will receive a follow up email from Unique Solutions letting you know whether we discern your business is eligible for this portion of the Small Business Bundle's services. Merchant Advocate will then contact you to discuss term agreements and savings percentages available to clients, and to formally set up your account.

You may always contact us if you have questions about this or any of our other Solutions.

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After submitting the form, you will receive an email from 71lbs within 48 hours prompting you to complete your user account. You will have the option at that time to connect your UPS and/or FedEx online accounts so that 71lbs can start monitoring your shipments right away.

If 71lbs discovers an unnecessary surcharge or a late, damaged, or lost shipment, they will file your claim for you to negotiate your refund. The refund will be credited back to your business, and 71lbs will send an invoice for their portion of the refund (usually around 50%).

It's that easy. There are no minimums or waiting periods, and any business that ships via UPS or FedEx is eligible.

Each minute you wait to sign up, your business could be losing money.

You may always contact us if you have questions about this or any of our other Solutions.