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Shipping Cost Savings & Refunds

If your business ships via FedEx or UPS, you are entitled to refunds on all late shipments, invoice errors and lost or damaged packages. 71 lbs will track down the shipping refunds that your business is entitled to but may not be optimizing.

71 lbs will help maximize your shipping spend as they actively monitor your data to identify & claim due refunds on overnight, ground and international shipments.

Late Delivery: All the benefits of money back guarantee without the challenges that keep claims out of reach. If your UPS or FedEx shipment is late, even by 60 seconds, 71lbs will file the claim on your behalf.

Invoice Audits: Mistakes on shipping invoices are common and often go unnoticed. Monitoring your invoices to identify unnecessary or incorrect discrepancies is important to avoid overpaying.

Lost & Damaged: If a package is not delivered to your recipient and is broken, bent or compromised during shipping, you are eligible for a refund. 71 lbs will fight for your credit through FedEx and UPS.

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