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With fewer admissions and declining reimbursements, is your hospital struggling to increase profit margins and day's cash on hand?


You can significantly improve both of these critical areas without changing your labor costs, while continuing to provide compassionate, high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to your community.

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When you lead an organization as complex as a hospital, your focus is on financial success as well as keeping your board happy, your employees happy, and of course your patients happy. But where can you turn for help in keeping your operation afloat, much less help increase profit margins?


When you run such a complex organization, it’s difficult to imagine that anyone could come alongside you and see both the whole picture as well as each individual area. Good news: there is a solution to your problems! That solution is called Sevenex. They are a company that can help you identify specific areas for increased efficiency, and help you turn expenses into actual revenue!


Sevenex helps your hospital identify lost efficiencies and unnecessary expenses, and helps you turn them around into processes and programs that actually help your organization increase the bottom line - all without compromising the integrity of your business, the satisfaction of your employees, and the happiness of your patients.


Sevenex is made up of physicians, masters level nurses, and experts in subcontracting, who have seen Sevenex’s 1000+ solutions work for hundreds of other hospital systems, and they can help you select, customize, and implement each solution to increase efficiency, turn expenses into revenue, and increase collections, all without any new hires or layoffs, and without compromising your company culture and values.

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