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72% of businesses are overcharged on their credit card processing.


Merchant Advocate monitors your processor's statements every month and works with them to reduce your rates and eliminate hidden fees.


Fill out the assessment and Merchant Advocate will estimate your annual savings - and you won't have to change processors!

Have a question about how Merchant Advocate can help your business?

In the unregulated credit card industry, errors and inflated fees occur all the time. Merchant Advocate monitors and analyzes for these hidden costs and saves you money. They are paid out of the savings they return to your bottom line - revenue that would otherwise be lost.


Merchant Advocate analyzes over $20 billion in credit card transactions each quarter, and to date, they have helped their clients save over $50 million.


Merchant Advocate will:

  • Review your monthly statements to uncover hidden fees and inflated rates
  • Negotiate with the processor on your behalf to reduce the rates and eliminate the hidden fees
  • Only get paid out of the savings they return to your bottom line - revenue that would otherwise be lost


Click the button to the right to find out how much Merchant Advocate can save your business on credit card processing! You'll just need to submit your two to three most recent processor statements to get started.

"I always wondered if I was paying too much for credit card processing but I did not have the time to research or negotiate. Merchant Advocate does all the work for me. I didn't have to change processors and I get a detailed monthly statement showing my savings. Now I have peace of mind that I am spending/saving my money to the best of my ability."

Kristin Laughter

Kristin Laughter
Store Manager, Parkers' Karat Patch, Asheville NC

-Participant in Unique Solutions and client of Merchant Advocate

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