Become a Kingdom Resource Builders Program Associate today!

The Kingdom Resource Builders' Program allows churches, ministries, and missionaries to generate ongoing revenue and enjoy higher profit-sharing margins than standard Associates.

  • Easy - learn how to share our Solutions with your own connections and networks
  • Flexible - set your own schedule to work as little or as much as you want
  • Unlimited growth potential - there's no cap to how much money your ministry can make referring others who sign up for their own Unique Solutions

As a Kingdom Resource Builder's Associate, we will equip you with information on any or all of our Unique Solutions. You can generate revenue for your ministry through referrals you make who sign up for their own Unique Solutions


  • Many of our Solutions are perfect cost-savings programs for businesses of any size.
  • Many of our Solutions are attractive subscription programs for individuals and families (i.e. existing donors).
  • Most of our Solutions can be tailored to non-profit organizations and other ministries.


There is no cost, quota, commitment or risk to become a Kingdom Resource Builders Program Associate. Resources generated can supplement existing tithes, offerings, and other donations and many of our Solutions provide ongoing or residual revenue.

You are always in complete control of which products or programs are introduced and how the introductions are made.

Unique Solutions Associates Inc., is a company that gives individuals, businesses, and organizations access to unique and creative products, services, and cost-saving programs. KRBP Associates can generate income from programs they and their referrals use.

The founders of USA Inc., wish to reward and incentivize ministries to be free of the bondage of debt. Revenue sharing is set at 75% for ministries without debt, and 50% for ministries with debt, which is still a substantial revenue-sharing margin compared to standard Associates.

Since 2011, USA Inc. has helped generate significant resources and revenue for ministries and other non-profits.