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Health care costs have skyrocketed for the average American in the last decade.

In fact, in 2017, U.S. households spent a total of $980 billion on health care costs, which comes out to more than $3,200 per person (according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' annual report).

Total health care costs in 2017

$980 billion


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There are better and less expensive ways of dealing with health concerns.

Families like yours can easily avoid many exorbitant health care costs by taking just a few proactive steps to prepare and protect your loved ones with more options for seeking and receiving care.

If you would like to prepare and protect your family with

  • Risk-free and convenient access to a doctor anywhere, anytime
  • Help finding the best prices for procedures in your area
  • Help negotiating to lower your medical bills
  • Up to 80% savings on prescription meds
  • Discounted rates on alternative care

Then check out this quick and easy guide to the first few steps you can take to lower your health care expenses.

At UNIQSA we help individuals, families, and businesses discover ways to become better protected and prepared.

Whether it's improving your finances, reducing your risks, or just overall enhancing your life and work.

Check out our other solutions for individuals and families, or request a consultation to find which solutions can help you become better prepared and protected.



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