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Applying for college is a confusing and overwhelming process.

Who has the time or bandwidth to track down admissions criteria for all your college options?

You don't have to live with the anxiety and overwhelm of navigating the confusing application process - College Lab has everything you need.

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Normal Price of College Lab:

With Unique Solutions Discount:




Just $7.20/month



Think of it as your personal, on-demand college counselor.

College Lab uses innovative technology to help you

  • Find schools that are the best fit for you
  • Improve your chance of acceptance
  • Save time and money by customizing your own well-balanced list


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Created by actual college counselors


Proven algorithm with 99% accuracy

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Thousands of satisfied students

"Before I started using CollegeLab I was having a hard time finding the right school for me. Other sites similar to CollegeLab were not giving me realistic admission percentages due to the fact they were only taking in a few pieces of data. But CollegeLab, using their wide variety of data points was able to help me create a list of schools I was interested in and which I was likely to be admitted too. CollegeLab made the process of finding the right school way easier and I am grateful for that."

- Peter R.

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no more guessing at your chances of admission

With your all-in-one dashboard, College Lab makes the process easy to understand.

Discover and compare your favorite schools, read up-to-date admissions criteria, and keep track of all your notes, searches, and preferences - all with a College Lab profile!

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“With CollegeLab, I have a better understanding of what I should work on to improve my chance of acceptance at the schools I am most interested in attending. The CollegeLab predictions and search and sort tools also helped me find schools that are the best fit for me.”

- Dean

Applying for college can be as easy as

Creating your College Lab profile (with your 20% off Unique Solutions discount!) and completing the brief Match Quiz.

Using your personal interactive dashboard to build out a balanced list of colleges that all meet your unique educational goals and aspirations.

Continuing to refine your search process with handy tools like the Net Price Calculator, and feeling confident in your chances of getting accepted into your target schools.

College Lab helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses to improve your chances of admission, and compare your profile to millions of students around the world.

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