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Over 50% of people worldwide experience identity theft each year.


We don't want you to be one of those people.


You can save money and time and a lot of headache with comprehensive identity protection.


In this day and age conducting business online is the way the world works. And the way the world stays protected is with IDShield™.

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You shouldn't have to deal with the agony of being a victim of identity theft. IDShield™ is here to make sure your personal information stays that way: personal.


IDShield™ truly helps you save money and time (and worry and heartache) with their comprehensive identity protection and restoration services.


Not only will they monitor your credit with up to all three major credit bureaus, they monitor your name, address, birthday, and social media accounts as well, and send you instant alerts via the mobile app anytime something needs attention.


Their team of Licensed Private Investigators stand at the ready to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to restore your personal information when you become a victim of identity theft, saving you countless hours of stress and worry, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars - this is your Unlimited Service Guarentee. With an IDShield™ plan, you can have confidence that your identity will be fully restored to its pre-theft status.


With one out of every two people experiencing identity theft each year, who DOESN'T need  comprehensive identity protection? With an IDShield™ plan, you can be confident that you are prepared and protected. Save yourself a lot of money, time, and headache. Become an IDShield™ member today.

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Benefits Include:

24/7 emergency assistance

Dark web, social, identity, AND credit monitoring services

Unlimited consultation service

Selection of 1-bureau or 3-bureau credit monitoring

Up to $1 million identity theft insurance

A team of Licensed Private Investigators who will do whatever it takes, for as long as it take

Unlimited Service Guarantee

IDShield™ app, so you can track your alerts for on-the-go access

And more!

*Specific exclusions may apply. See plan contract in checkout for complete terms, coverage, amounts, availability, conditions and exclusions.

The comprehensive identity protection you deserve.

Comprehensive identity protection is only a few steps away!

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Once you select your plan, enter your payment information, and submit, you will receive a confirmation email and membership kit including a unique member number and card.

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