You don't have to be a big player to get big player rebates.

United Purchasing Card Group offers the best corporate purchasing card cashback rebates available!

Schedule a free consultation to discover how much your company could be earning back in credit card rebates.

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The world of corporate card cashback rebates favors huge entities with outrageous levels of corporate spend by offering them higher cashback rates than smaller mid-size businesses.


Unlike stand-alone corporate card programs, UPCG leverages the power of their partnerships to offer rebate levels that rival even mega hospital systems that spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

7-to-1 acceptance advantage over AMEX

Rates typically 30-40% higher than existing corporate purchasing card

No upfront costs, annual costs, cancellation costs, or term commitments

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Stop losing money because your credit card isn't working for you.

Is your corporate purchasing card is giving you the best rates? If you aren't postive, then it's time for a switch.

Request a consultation now - you'll be surprised how much money you could be earning back!

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How it works

Request a Consultation and we will reach out to schedule a brief chat about your company and its spending levels.

UPCG will do a free analysis to determine an estimate of the cash rebates you could be receiving.

Sign up and use your new corporate spending card as usual and watch the cashback rebates pile in!

Don't leave money on the table that could instead be adding to your bottom line.

UPCG believes your corporate spending card should actually work FOR you.

That's why they've made it their mission to level the playing field so that more businesses can access the rebate levels that the big guys are getting.



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