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With EXPRESS your hospital can achieve savings and new revenue FASTER and with LESS COMMITMENT.

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does your hospital or nursing home need better margins and cash flow?

This risk-free solution helps improve your operating results and cash flow while guaranteeing a 7-to-1 ROI!

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Increase your operating margins

Contractually-guaranteed ROI of at least 7-to-1!

Improve patient service and employee satisfaction

Microscope's Margin Solutions offers a contractually-guaranteed ROI of 7-to-1 in implemented new savings and revenues.

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Improvements come with a guaranteed ROI of at least 7-to-1!

You shouldn't have to deal with low margins or plummeting days' cash on hand.

Microscope's Margin Solutions helps you take advantage of proven solutions being used by other hospitals and LTCs, allowing you to implement them quickly for immediate results.

What others have to say:

"We used their services when I was a hospital CEO in the upper Midwest and they easily exceeded their guaranteed 7-to-1 ROI.  Then when I moved to be CEO of a much larger three hospital system in the South, I wanted to use their services again since we had such great results the first time. This time they beat all expectations and we received a 17-to-1 ROI!"

-Southern state CEO

"The first time we used their services, we just barely exceeded the guaranteed 7-to-1 ROI. We renewed our contract with them and did better the second round with a 9-to-1 ROI, so we renewed again. This time the ROI jumped to 12-to-1!"

-Upper Midwest COO



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When you're ready to select your solutions and their start dates, watch your margins and cash go up as solutions you approve are put into place.


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Microscope is a unique healthcare consultancy that focuses on the financial, operational and clinical areas of healthcare organizations by discovering, customizing and implementing Solutions to optimize margins and to increase days cash on hand and cash flow. Microscope’s team brings a wide variety of expertise which has collectively served over 250 hospitals/systems in 33 states with a combined impact of over $250 million in new savings and revenues. 

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