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Food line

For over 20 years volunteers with Blessings & BBQ have gathered at the Vet's Restoration Quarters (a division of Asheville Buncombe Christian Community Ministries), on the first Saturday of every month to prepare the evening meal for the residents. To date, team members with Blessings & BBQ have served over 50,000 meals to homeless veterans. But the ministry doesn't stop with food: team members also bless the residents through a sewing ministry to mend and stitch the vets' clothing, and the blessing of time spent in friendship together. These vets have blessed us all with their service, and this ministry aims to be a small blessing back to them in return. You too can join the ministry with your support through selecting one of the services or memberships above or donating directly to Blessings & BBQ via the GoFundMe button below.


Through our Kingdom Resource Builders Program, 50% of all net revenue from selections made on this page goes directly to the ministry.  Simply put, when you select a service or membership here, you are also helping to support Blessings & BBQ.

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