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There are a number of ways you can achieve savings and better prepare and protect your employees right away. See our first recommended solution below.

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Prepare and Protect your employees with affordable healthcare options.

healthPERX's creative telehealth benefits packages help reduce your company's premiums (self-insured employers can save an average of $500 each time this benefit is used), AND help your employees save an average of $1,100 of out-of-pocket costs related to their healthcare.

Give your employees access to a doctor in the palm of their hand. These telehealth plans can be used anytime and anywhere.

  • 94% of patient issues are resolved with one phone call
  • 97% member satisfaction rate
  • 10 minutes is the average doctor response time

We will help you create completely customized packages based on individual benefits and price point.

We even build a personalized landing page for your employees to learn more and sign up!

*healthPERX is a non-insurance benefits provider, specializing in creative and groundbreaking benefits that help employees spend less, reduce stress, and have more time for things that matter most.

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