Your Expense Management Profile = Moderate

Doing good, but...

Based on your expense management profile you are making a lot of the right moves for your operations. But like many, you may be overlooking some significant savings opportunities.

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We are here to help you identify those opportunities and take hold of your expenses so that you can be prepared, protected, and profitable for years to come.

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Based on your profile results, we recommend you start with:


Your healthcare business or organization should be getting the highest cashback rebates available.

If you want your corporate purchasing card to

  • Earn you the best money-back rates in the industry
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Offer cost-free, risk-free service

Then you need United Purchasing Card Group.

Through a global partnership, UPCG has helped healthcare companies with even moderate spending levels maximize their rebates to achieve cash-back levels and top-notch service that is usually reserved for the big players.

If your corporate purchasing card isn't giving you the best rates and making a positive impact on your bottom line, it's time to switch to UPCG.

  1. Request a consultation to chat about your healthcare organization and its spending levels
  2. Receive a free analysis estimating how much you could be receiving in cash rebates
  3. Sign up for your new corporate spending card and watch the cashback rebates pile in.

UPCG believes your corporate spending card should actually work FOR you. They level the playing field so that you can access rebate levels that the big guys get.

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Guaranteed 7-to-1 ROI for your hospital or long-term care facility.


Does your hospital or nursing home need better margins and cash flow? Then you need Margin Solutions.

Margin Solutions identifies areas within your hospital or nursing home where over 1,000 solutions can be evaluated and implemented to achieve your guaranteed 7-to-1 ROI without any employee layoffs.

They help you take advantage of proven solutions being used by other hospitals and nursing homes, allowing you to implement them quickly for immediate results.

  • Guaranteed 7-to-1 ROI
  • Increased profit margins
  • Improved patient service
  • Improved employee experience because with Margin Solutions you won't have to layoff any employees.

Request a consultation to determine the guaranteed level of potential savings and a proposal to review. After acceptance and a short assessment completed by select members of your team, the Margin Solutions specialists present for your approval, selected customized solutions. These specialists then assist you and your team with implementation.

With your guaranteed minimum 7-to-1 ROI, you'll watch your profit margins and cash increase.

Ready to improve your profit margins without experiencing any layoffs?

For a more customized recommendation of Solutions, schedule your free consultation with founder and CEO, Ed Cody!



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