"It's like getting free money!"

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Each year businesses lose over $2 billion in unclaimed shipping refunds


71lbs monitors your shipments for you and files claims on your behalf to get your money back- they only get paid out of the savings they achieve for you!


Start saving money on your shipping costs through 71lbs' human-backed automated monitoring services and increase your bottom line.

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Your business is entitled to a full refund if your FedEx/UPS shipment arrives late - sometimes even by one minute. As a business owner, you don't have the time to do the tedious work of monitoring for these late shipments yourself. 71lbs can help.


71lbs monitors your UPS and FedEx shipments for late, damaged, or lost shipments, and surcharges. They work your claims for you to ensure you are fully refunded. They only get paid after you get paid - out of the money they return to your bottom line.


71lbs will:

  • Constantly monitor shipments on your FedEx and/or UPS accounts
  • Audit for surcharges, late arrivals, and lost or damaged packages
  • Only get paid when you get paid - out of the money they return to your bottom line

"We would not be receiving these refunds if not for 71lbs. Regardless of the amount, it’s 'free money.' The only thing we do administratively after signing up is cut a check to 71lbs. It couldn’t be any easier."

Winston Church, VP CFO, The Robinette Company

Winston Church, VP CFO, The Robinette Company, Johnson City TN

-Participant in Unique Solutions Associates™ and client of 71lbs

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